Gettin’ ready

“Long way ’round” by StereoPhonics

Behind the scenes at Central Command

Here’s what’s happening: James and I are going on a trip this summer throughout most of the old west. Our goal is to get away and see the good stuff. We’ll be avoiding populated areas as much as possible throughout the trip and probably the largest town we’ll be in is Dodge City, KS. We’ll be doing a combination of camping out under the stars, staying a night here or there in an old cabin at various locations, and stay at a few hotel rooms along the way just to prevent fungus from growing on our hard-traveled bodies. Though we’ll be staying in hotels at three separate stops we will be persisting in the vein of the old west and have made sure to reserve rooms in authentically decorated/restored hotels. The first hotel stop being in Deadwood SD, the second hotel in Dodge City KS, and the final hotel night being in Leadville CO, just before our last leg home.

Along the way we’ll be visiting old ghost towns, actual gunfight locations, and even a few well-hidden locations where the bullet holes still remain in the original structures. We’ll be keeping record of everything, from riding, to camping, to gambling, using random videos taken with helmet mounted cameras, handheld cameras, and phone cameras. However, the most valued captures of all will be the pics that James takes with his Canon Rebel T1-I.

So…we just have to finalize our preparations and fire up the motorcycles!

Sitting two weeks out from our departure I’m having a difficult time staying focused on school, which lasts another two weeks, and I can say that James is experiencing some anxiousness to exit work for the road. Fortunately we started planning for this fairly early and everything is falling into place rather well. James was able to find a good gunbelt today and it looks like we’ll be well armed for our trip 😀

James' new beauty of a gunbelt w/holster!


3 thoughts on “Gettin’ ready

  1. Yeah, that’s the plan. Not sure how often due to the fact that we will be off the beaten path quite often and not have any kind of signal. But I’ll update as much as I can.

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