It’s go time!

Some music here for setting the mood 😀

It’s Friday night on the 12th of August. Made it to Yakima today and finally felt some summer heat; something we haven’t really had in Seattle. Riding in to warmer areas made me realize just how un-conditioned we are for the hot weather and we aren’t even near the hottest yet. From what I was told the temperature today didn’t even hit 90 and when we make Dodge City in Kansas it should be sitting around 100. I’m sure we’ll be okay but it’s definetly going to take some acclimating to be able to withstand six hours of riding in 100ish temps.

Some final tinkering before take-off

That being said, I’m still anxious to get on the road. Start time tommorow should be by 10am. James didn’t hit Yakima til 9:00 this evening since he had to work today and then head over, so our departure will be adjusted for that neccessity. Then, the most unexciting portion of the trip we expect, will be tomorrow as we head east through Tri-Cities and over to Lewiston Idaho. Once we cross the border into Idaho, however, I think we’ll both feel a bit of that sensation that comes when enough miles have been put between yourself and home.

Unfortunately, no matter how much or how early you plan, things can still go sideways. James had just bought a new visor for his helmet along with a new pair of gloves; they were both stolen this week…while the visor was attached to the helmet! So away went his new gloves and awesome helmet. Funny thing is that we had the idea to buy a couple of extra helmets, the half-helmet style. They arrived the day his other helmet was stolen. All this to say that I can’t help but wonder if God put a bug in our ears so we wouldn’t be way-laid by a lack of helmets.

Aside from the theiving gone on, everything seems to be in decent order for us to be getting on the road. Barring any calamaties, or even minor disruptions, we should be making camp near the Eastern border of Idaho tomorrow night just this side of Montana. Those that believe, say a prayer for our safety.


6 thoughts on “It’s go time!

  1. May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind always be at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    and rains fall soft upon your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

  2. What a coincidence – I recently obtained a new helmet and assorted goodies. Not sure where I am going to mount my new saddlebags…perhaps on my dog Luke. 🙂

    All kidding aside, I can’t believe James has been so unfortunate this year with thefts! I will pray for your safety and for Provision.


  3. I’m sorry to read of your friends misfortunes. I pray you two are safe and well and having a most excellent time (too much Bill & Ted). But while you’re out there on the road should you find yourselves dismayed or otherwise bewildered (I pray that you don’t) just remember a tid bit that keeps me pulling through.Philippians 4:13
    Again, have a most excellent trip! =D


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