So day three began at Basin Cabin 8 miles west of Yellowstone National Park. We were feeling pretty good after finally having gotten into the cabin and enjoying a little reading by the fire and decent nights sleep, but we still had a ways to go to our next stop. We got up in decent time and had no problem getting ready but dark clouds were rolling over the line of the hills and dropping sporadic rain. When it seemed that they were passing us by we finally headed out, albeit an hour behind schedule. This in itself was no big deal, but the skies were looking dark again soon after entering Yellowstone. We made it through about two thirds of the park with no complications and even enjoyed quite a bit. The scenery was amazing and the bison meandering across the roadway and playing in the dirt were easily the highlight of the day for me.

They reminded me of Seattle pedestrians a bit

But once again we came to a large body of water, instantly dropping the air temp, and in came the dark clouds spewing rain. As if it were not already difficult enough to ride in the cold and wet conditions, we seemed to be on a perpetual downhill switchback road for almost 30 miles. With the visors blurred from rain, and the turns perilous from rain wash, it was a slow roll down as we didn’t want to end up in a ditch or worse, over a rail.

Somewhere along the way we were brought to a halt by a park ranger holding up traffic and when we were finally allowed past, our caution down the hill was proven well warranted. In the ditch on its side was a Harley Davidson and down the hill in a turn-out was a paramedic with a rider in a stretcher.

Once we safely exited Yellowstone we continued most of the day either charging into rain storms or remaining soaked from the ones we just exited. Suffice to say, though, that when the rain was gone, and especially in those few moments when the sun was shining, I think we may have ridden through some of the most beautiful land I’ve even seen.

And now here we sit, in a log cabin amid those beautiful scapes. And tomorrow we head for Deadwood. It’s funny because as much I love the riding I can easily see how the cowboys could come to town after driving herd and just want to go nuts. After all this riding I’m looking forward to a night in a hotel in Deadwood. Next stop gambling and whoring!! haha


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