Deadwood SD

We’re in the town where Wild Bill Hickock was shot and killed in 1876. We got a room at a hotel called the Bullock Hotel, apparently constructed by the central figure in the HBO show Deadwood. A really cool fact about the hotel, or in particular our room, is that in 1879 the whole town burned down but the part of the building where our room is lasted through the fire and is the very same building we are staying in. The front portion of the building was burned, however, and rebuilt in the 1890’s.

Upstairs to our room

We decided to alter our plans a bit and stayed an extra night here so we could take some time to enjoy the atmosphere and take in the town a little better. It’s a really cool place once you can get your focus past all the slot machines. The saloon where Wild Bill was killed is long since burned but the rock foundation that made up the walls is still standing and the original place was preserved by Bill’s good friend Charlie Utter. So that was a pretty amazing thing to witness: the place where Hickok was killed.

Tonight I plan to do a little gaming, so hopefully I win more than I lose. Also, I’m gonna try and get some pics posted from the trip up to now.


2 thoughts on “Deadwood SD

  1. I’m not familiar with the HBO show but I read that the Sheriff in town was named Bullock and I assume he must be the central figure you are referring to that built the hotel. Impressive accomplishment on a sheriff’s salary?

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