Back on the trail

Once our time was up in Deadwood we were both eager to hit the trail and make camp back among the stars and the critters. We initially intended to bunk down somewhere in the badlands but after a beautiful descent from the Black Hills we paused in Rapid City when we saw on the horizon, directly over the Badlands, some of the most monstrous clouds we had seen on our trip. We grabbed a quick lunch and thought we might wait it out, but as the clouds appeared more and more to be resolute in their positioning over the badlands, we gave ground and determined to alter our course.

After some deliberation and ponderance with regard to the weather patterns over the western states we agreed that doubling back into Wyoming was our best bet. And since we were denied our time in the Badlands we figured the best alternative would be a slow easy roll to the Hole in the Wall gang territory in Wyoming.

The sun setting from where we were camped

The first night after Deadwood, rolling south from Rapic City, we crossed the border back into Wyoming and felt that we had made enough ground and started looking for a place to lay our heads come dark. We found an old dirt road and followed it to a place that fit the bill perfectly. The terrain was beautiful grass prairie mixed with some sort of strange hard clay-like formations. We saw countless deer and antelope, mixed with jack-rabbits and geese, and were fortunately spared any snakes or coyotes.

Following our night sleeping out, instead of returning to our point of entry to the dirt road, we gambled on it coming out near where we were headed to, and twenty-plus miles later it did. Which was possiby the most animal filled road we traveled so far, with countless deer and antelope running along side, and even some free range cattle scattered about the road in one or two spots.

If there were any stretch of roadway that could be comparable to this one for most wildlife it was definitely the Hole in the Wall territory. But then Hole in the Wall had everything beat on sheer amazing beauty. That’ll be in the next post.


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