A couple notes and some more pics from the road

Starting today we will be away from civilization for some time and not near any internet so there won’t be anymore posts or pics for a time. We will be heading, via Glenwood Springs, to the northwest corner of Colorado into the southwest corner of Wyoming, and then into the hills in idaho. This will involve two nights of camping off the beaten path and three nights in cabins with no electricity, and no where along the way do we expect much for phone signal or internet….But it should be fun!

There are a few more links for pics from the trip, but I would like to note that James has an amazing camera and a skill for taking pictures, so if it seems that I appear in more pics, that would be the reason. Sorry for seeming like a camera hog but I am fortunate to be the subject of several of James’ fine pics.

And here are the links for the new sets, first Hole-In-the-Wall: http://www.flickr.com/photos/66514673@N05/sets/72157627389286393/

A few various Colorado pics including Doc Holliday haunts: http://www.flickr.com/photos/66514673@N05/sets/72157627516670764/

And finally some pics from a ghost town we tooled around in: http://www.flickr.com/photos/66514673@N05/sets/72157627392362923/

There will be many more pics taken but I am unsure as to when I can post them, but I will make an effort to do it as soon as the opportunity arises. Keep praying for us.


2 thoughts on “A couple notes and some more pics from the road

  1. Great adventure! This was super blog, Ben. You’re a good writer, so let’s have a book from you someday. Exceptional photos, James! Next time take a video camera and you can rival Ewan McGregoor and Charley Boorman and their motorcycle world adventures, e.g.Long Way Round. God bless you (and the French tourists who wanted their picture with you, “We love cowboys!”).

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