Who we are

BenBorn in SoCal and living in the NW. I go to Bellevue College right now and am in my 7th consecutive quarter so I NEED a break and this trip is it. I’ve been into gunfighters and the old west since I was a kid and picked up a Rawhide Kid comic book at a yard sale. I was hooked. Later I saw Young Guns and my mind was blown! The first motorcycle trip I made “out west” was to Billy the Kid country in New Mexico for my 21st birthday. This time I’ll be doing it with my good friend.


  • Strength-5
  • Intelligence-5
  • Speed-5
  • Charm-10

Motto: “Fill your hands!”


James was born in the wild and raised by wolves. He isn’t very friendly and he’s as likely to bite into your leg as he is to a turkey’s. He don’t hanker to no sass-talkin’ by a bunch of no-account tenderfoots and when you cross his path you better be ready to slap leather. He lives by the law of the road, and no other.



  • Strength-9
  • Speed-9
  • Intelligence-2
  • Charm-2

Motto: Skin that smoke-wagon!”


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